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Kickboxing of Bedford:
Kickboxing of Bedford integrates the use of the entire body i.e. knees, elbows, shins, hands, feet, etc. Our system has made Kickboxing of Bedford very effective in that it uses the legs, arms and shins as simultaneous blocks and strikes. We also place a strong emphasis on head movement; which is one of the most important aspects to learn in order to protect oneself from injury. Calasanz, creator of this system, attributes his skill to the simplicity of the blocking techniques (as shown in the image to the right) "I find that I don't
have to absorb as many kicks and punches because this system gives me
and my students the tools to deflect attacks without getting hurt."

Kickboxing as it is taught at with our system should not be
confused with your standard fitness / cardio kickboxing. While fitness is a strong aspect, there is also a great focus on
that the techniques are always taught with self-defense applications in mind and developing good form.

If you are looking for an exercise regime that would keep you physically fit as well as been presented with a challenge and at the same time learning first rate self defense and techniques... then give Kickboxing of Bedford a try! Free Trial Class offered, we can schedule you ASAP at your convenience!

Calasanz performs kickboxing
drills with a student.

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